Bamboo charcoal

Tom Miles

Bamboo charcoal
123Bamboo Lin'an City, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China,

Bamboo charcoal is manufactured by carbonizing dried bamboo in a kiln under controlled temperature and humidity. Bamboo charcoal is a good air purifier as it has the property of absorbing odor, moisture and harmful gases. It is also a good water purifier as it filters and absorbs pollutants, chlorine, pesticides and poisonous materials. It has an extremely porous structure and is a better and eco-friendly option to wood charcoal.

Domestic Applications: charcoal pillows, mattresses and to preserve freshness in refrigerators, deodorizer in moist places.

Agriculture Applications: change soil structure, eliminate negative effects of pesticides on plants, increase soil temperature and amount of water content

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