Biochar Bob Goes To Costa Rica

Erin Rasmussen

Biochar Bob,
SeaChar's Estufa Finca project
Soil Reef Biochar

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On the beach, in the jungle, and tucked in between mountains, biochar-producing cookstoves are making an impact in homes and soils across Costa Rica. These low-emission, high efficiency cookstoves can burn alternative fuels like farm waste or bamboo while simultaneously producing a biochar end-product. When biochar is applied to soils, it enhances its ability to hold water and nutrients longer and naturally enhance disease resistance--not to mention that it lasts for centuries!

Subscribe and join Biochar Bob as he crisscrosses Costa Rica to learn how biochar adoption is creating a wave of social impact.

Huge thank you to all the IndieGoGo support that helped make this possible!! You guys rock.

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