FOREBIOM Workshop Proceedings are Online

Erin Rasmussen

Proceedings of the The 1st FOREBIOM Workshop:
Potentials of Biochar to mitigate climate change
are posted to their website:

On the 4 -5 April, 2013 the Austrian Academy of Science hosted a Workshop exploring the responsible use of biomass energy, and the potential for using biochar to mitigate climate change.

their description:

Biochar is seen as a potential solution for mitigating climate change. In theory, additional carbon might be sequestered when using biochar as a soil amendment and the process heat during pyrolysis is directly used or converted to electricity via ORC. Bio-oil might be used alternatively to substitute fossil fuels. However, a range of issues is still not clear and further research is needed in various disciplines. The first FOREBIOM workshop, organized back-to-back with the European Geosciences Union General Assembly (7th - 12. April 2013) aims at assessing the potential of biochar production for energy and subsequently as an soil amendment to improve soil properties. Current research is presented by internationally recognized researchers from leading institutions (UK biochar research center, GFZ Potsdam, IIASA, AIT...) and target areas of increased need for further research will be identified. The first day is devoted to four sessions with keynotes, and presentations covering the tree sections of the FOREBIOM project, namely: Biomass production, Biomass pyrolysis and Biochar recycling.

A complete pdf of the conference proceedings

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