A charcoal production plant that also generates heat and electricity from the by-product gas

Tom Miles

A charcoal production plant that also generates heat and electricity from the by-product gas
Biofuel Energy Sustems, Sustainable Energy Ltd., UK, 2004
BES Carbonizer

In 2004 Biofuel Energy Systems Ltd. developed a plant for charcoal production, which uses the gases given off during production to drive a gas turbine, generating heat and electricity. The electricity generated can be used on site (especially useful in remote areas with no electrical grid connection) or sold back to the grid for additional profit.

Conventional charcoal production is very inefficient and wastes half of the energy within the wood. Biofuel Energy Systems' unique plant, however, uses 90% of the wood's energy and uses a totally clean, emission-free process. See the diagram on the Biofuel Energy Systems website that shows the steps involved in simplified terms. This represents a huge advancement in the efficiency and cleanliness of charcoal production.

The gasifier can supply the sensible heat for initiating pyrolysis. This is done by gasifying waste vegetable oil (low ash to interfere down stream) and using the high pressure exhaust from this to recirculate hot gas through wood. The gasifier products and pyrolysis offgas are then fed to the combustion chamber of a small (40kW) gas turbine.

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The plant is suitable for both large and small-scale charcoal production as the design can be scaled up or down according to requirements. The amount of charcoal production could range from 200 to 4,000 tonnes per annum and the electrical output of the plant could range from 50kW to 1MW, depending on the size of the plant.

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