Climate Change, Carbon and Plants Briefings

Tom Miles

Climate Change, Carbon and Plants Briefings
CRC for Greenhouse Acounting, Australia, 2006
At the briefings, leading scientists presented the latest information on how climate change might affect plants and plant-based industry, and how we might adapt.
Two briefings were held in 2006 - one in Melbourne on the 31st May and one in Sydney on the 13th June. In response to numerous requests from people unable to attend the briefings in person, the presentations were recorded and are now available online.
'Questions' and 'Panel' sessions include audience questions and discussion between presenters and audience, expanding on the material provided in the presentations.
Future climates and Australia's greenhouse profile - Dr Michael Robinson [EXE, 10.51MB]
Questions and discussion [Melbourne] [MP3, 2.27MB]
Stream 1 - Carbon in the Landscape
Biomass carbon and Land Use Changes - Dr John Raison [EXE, 15.60MB]
Questions - [Sydney] [MP3, 7.82MB] [Melbourne] [MP3, 10.44MB]
Wood products as carbon stores; TimberCam - Mr Fabiano Ximenes [EXE, 10.94MB]
Soil carbon and productivity - Mr Jan Skjemstad [View Online] [Download][EXE, 10.48MB]
Questions [Melbourne] [MP3, 5.37MB]
Panel - Dr Raison, Mr Fabiano Ximenes, Mr Jan Skjemstad [Sydney] [MP3, 18.46MB] [Melbourne] [MP3, 19.99MB]
Stream 1 - Counting and Trading Carbon
Increasing tree cover in grazing land - Dr Steven Bray [View Online] [Download] [EXE, 14.35MB]
Questions [Sydney] [MP3, 3.70MB]
Standards and Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - Dr Beverley Henry [View Online] [Download] [EXE, 13.24MB]
Questions [Sydney] [MP3, 1.82MB] [Melbourne] [MP3, 2.22MB]
Stream 2 - Implications for Plants and Agriculture
CO2 concentrations & the C cycle & Effects on plant growth - Dr John Evans and Professor Marilyn Ball [View Online ] [Download] [EXE, 19.81MB]
Questions [Sydney] [MP3, 8.98MB] [Melbourne] [MP3, 3.74MB]
How will climate change affect water availability - Dr Michael Roderick [View Online] [Download] [EXE, 14.50MB]
Questions [Melbourne] [MP3, 4.60MB]
The impacts of climate change on Australian viticulture - Ms Leanne Webb [View Online] [Download] [EXE, 12.19MB]
Panel - Dr Evans, Prof. Ball, Dr Roderick, Ms Webb [Sydney] [MP3, 13.90MB] [Melbourne] [MP3, 18.12MB]
Soil organic matter and productivity - Mr Jan Skjemstad [View Online] [Download][EXE, 10.20MB]
Questions [Melbourne] [MP3, 6.08MB]
Are there Win-Win Strategies for Minimising Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agriculture? Agriculture calculators - Dr Richard Eckard, Mr Ian Galbally [EXE, 12.20MB]
Panel - Mr Jan Skjemstad, Mr Ian Galbally, Dr Richard Eckard [Sydney] [MP3, 6.43MB] [Melbourne] [MP3, 8.19MB]
Joint Session
Carbon trading in Australia and internationally - Dr Annette Cowie and Dr Michael Robinson [View Online ] [Download] [EXE, 13.24MB]
Questions [Melbourne] [MP3, 16.89MB]
Carbon accounting tools - Mr John Carter [EXE, 6.40MB]
Carbon accounting tools - Dr Matthew Searson [EXE, 8.55MB]
Panel - Dr Annette Cowie, Dr Michael Robinson, Dr Matthew Searson, Mr John Carter [Sydney] [MP3, 12.37MB] [Melbourne] [MP3, 13.96MB]

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