ESDY "Vital Force" Korean Oak Wood Vinegar

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Korean "Vital Force" Oak Wood Vinegar Product
ESDY Corporation,Korea

Detailed Product Description
Wood Vinegar come from Korean OAK tree, which are an innovative environmental 100% natural materials used as a soil fertilizer, Odor removal, animal feed additions etc etc. Your inquiries will get exact applications and effectiveness in most fields of usages other than below areas.

1. Agricultural use
- To sterilize the soil
- To increase the microorganism, which promote growth of farm products cultivated
- To protect from the less growth of repeated cultivation and from the damages by blight and harmful insects.
- To promote the penetration of nutrition by adding this wood vinegar.
- To reduce agricultural chemical by half when use it adding this wood vinegar.
- This wood vinegar is the only approved by government as free environmental.
- To promote self root alive and increase the microorganism.
- To increase the generating of the sugar content.
- To maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables longer.
- To neutralize the acid soil.
- To maintain the freshness of flowers longer by mixed use with nutrition
- To make leaves stronger (Use in the lawn ground like golf course or ground)

2. Smell, Odor Remover
- To remove the smells in the toilet, garbage or rubbish place.
- To protect from the damages by the birds or insects or animals etc. As they dislike the vinegar smell.
- To use as sterilization in the cattle shed

3. Animal Husbandry Feed
- For feed of chicken or pig, it is to use vinegar 20% more refined than agricultural use vinegar
- The effect of using 10% vinegar + 90% vinegar powder as 1% of feed,

* Pig: Lard skin be thinner with fresh taste, and have stronger immunity from diseases, and curtail the use of feed.
* Chicken: To have stronger immunity from diseases especially Salmonella, and curtail the use of feed, and especially the skin of egg stronger.

4. Sugar contents increase
It is recorded and approved that the sugar content is increased by 15.74% using this wood vinegar in the sugar cane, sugar gomuti and sugar sorgho etc. You will get huge increases of outcome in this field by using our wood vinegar.

Other than aboves, this is used for so many areas as 100% natural promotions with surprising effects.

In most cases, it is used by mixing 1:500 (Vinegar: Water). But below are needed specially.
-Germinating period needed softness by mixing 1:1000
-Odor Removal needed stronger by mixing 1:100
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