Pyrolysis Char - Land Application Study

Tom Miles

Pyrolysis Char - Land Application Study
Julia Gaskin (, Department Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Larry Morris (, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
University of Georgia Biorefining and Carbon Cycling Program


Char produced from the pyrolysis of peanut hulls and pine chips was applied to soil at 5 and 10 ton per acre quantities in ordetr to study the effects on plant growth.

There is evidence that chars may function to enhance plant growth and sequester carbon in the soil, but there are no replicated studies to Char Application at 10 tons per acredocument char effect on plant growth or soil carbon in southeastern soils. We are testing the effect of peanut hull and pine chip char on corn growth and carbon mineralization in field plots near Tifton. The treatments will evaluate the effect of char alone and char plus the recommended amount of fertilizer. Char will be applied at 5 tons per acre and 10 tons per acre. We will be evaluating differences in the amount of soil nutrients and carbon fractions in the soil along with changes in carbon dioxide efflux, plant growth, yields, and plant nutrient status.

Land application of pyrolysis char in small test plots. March 20006

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