Phosphorus Facts - Soil, Plant and Fertilizer

Tom Miles

Phosphorus Facts - Soil, Plant and Fertilizer
David Whitney, Kansas State University Cooperative Extension Service, C-665, October 1988
Phosphorus (P) does not exist in soils in the simple elemental form, but is found combined with other elements forming complex minerals (inorganic)and organic compounds. The total phosphorus content of the surface six inches may be as little as 200 pounds per acre on very sandy soils to over 2,500 pounds per acre on fine textured soils.
However, only a small fraction of this total phosphorus is in a form that is readily available to plants. Thus, application of phosphorus fertilizer, or agricultural or municipal wastes are necessary on many soils to meet plant phosphorus needs.
Soil Considerations
Plant Considerations
-Plant Needs
-Accumulation by Plants
-Plant Uptake
Fertilizer Considerations
-fertilizer Terminology
Manufacture of Phosphorus Fertilizer
Phosphorus Sources
Phosphorus Application
Putting it All together
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