MSC: Mulch and Soil Council

Tom Miles

Mulch & Soil Council
Manassas, VA

The Trade Association for Processors of Horticultural Mulches,
Consumer Potting Soils and Commercial Growing Media.

See Voluntary Uniform Product Guidelines (attached)for:

Any product or material except peat or peat moss, that is advertised, offered for sale, or sold for primary use as a horticultural, above-ground dressing.

Any product or material advertised, offered for sale or sold for primary use as an in-container growing media with minimum product suitability determined by the test procedures defined in Appendices A & B of this document.

Any product or material advertised, offered for sale or sold for primary use as an in-ground soil amendment, conditioner or replacement. Landscape soils and soil amendments may be generally characterized in terms of pH and EC, but suitability for use is determined by the test procedure defined in Appendix C of this document.

Appendix C. Saturated Media Extract Method (SME)

MSC's State Fertilizer Laws
Founded in 1972 as the National Bark Producers Association (NBPA), the current Mulch & Soil Council has become the non-profit trade group of all producers of horticultural mulches, consumer potting soils and commercial growing media.

Originally, the NBPA focused only on the mulch industry. As the industry expanded in the late 1970s and early 1980s, more companies became involved in producing consumer and commercial potting soils in addition to mulch. In 1987, the NBPA became the National Bark & Soil Producers Association (NBSPA). The Association continued to grow along with the burgeoning markets for mulch and soil products.

The MSC's evolution grew from the development of a voluntary national product certification program in 1997 as part of its on-going efforts to promote product quality. After defining product quality guidelines and uniform industry labeling practices, the Standards and Certification Committees recommended that a name change would help build better public recognition for the organization and its members.

In selecting its new name, the Board of Directors broadened "Bark" into "Mulch" in order to recognize the variety of quality products available in the current horticultural mulch market. The Board of Directors also discontinued using the word "Producer" to give better recognition to the many different member interests serviced by the organization. Finally, "Association" was replaced with "Council" to emphasize the public information function of the group.

Serving Industry Since 1972

Mulch and Soil Council
10210 Leatherleaf Ct., Manassas, VA 20111-4245
TEL: (703) 257-0111 / FAX: (703) 257-0213

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