Adsorption Behaviors of CO2 and NH3 on Chemically Surface-Treated Activated Carbons

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Journal Article


J Colloid Interface Sci, Volume 212, Number 1, p.186-189 (1999)


1095-7103 (Electronic)

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The adsorption characteristics of activated carbon treated with 30 wt% HCl and 30 wt% NaOH were investigated. The acid and base values were determined by Boehm's method and the surface structures were studied by the BET method with N2 adsorption and iodine adsorption capacity. Also the adsorption properties of the activated carbons treated with acid and base chemical solutions were investigated with CO2 and NH3 adsorptions. Different adsorption behaviors of CO2 and NH3 on the modified activated carbons were observed, even though the physical surfaces of the activated carbons (i.e., specific surface area, pore size, and pore volume) were not significantly changed. Copyright 1999 Academic Press.


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