Biochar Technology Showcase Events

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Reserve Your Spot: Biochar Technology Showcase Events during November 6-9, 2012
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Register for one or more days – identical program schedule each day, but test burns will take place at different sites.
Mobile Biochar Technology Comes to the Southern Oregon Woods
Waste-to-wealth technology transforms burn piles from cost center to profit center – public invited to demonstrations and lectures during November 6-9
Hosted by: Carbon Cultures, Illinois Valley Forest Practices Committee, Forestry Action Committee and Illinois Valley Business Entrepreneurial Center (IVBEC)
Who should attend:
• Forestry contractors
• Forest management agency personnel
• Fire Departments
• Land owners concerned with fuel load reduction
• Farmers and gardeners
• Compost producers and garden centers
• Students
• Anyone interested in sustainability, air quality or climate change mitigation

Dates: November 6, 7, 8, 9

Pre-order your gourmet box lunch to eat in the field while observing the biochar technology in action!

Time: 10 am until 11:30 morning lecture, followed by a demonstration in the field in the afternoon. We will finish by 5pm. IMPORTANT: we are offering the identical program on each of the 4 days so as many people as possible can attend. You only need to register for one of the days. The morning sessions will provide an overview of what biochar is and an introduction to the Carbon Cultures patented mobile biochar producing technology. At 11:30 am we will organize carpools and head out into the field to make biochar. We will eat lunch in the field, and a local caterer is providing a delicious gourmet lunch with afternoon snacks for $12. You must order and pay for lunch in advance. Or you are welcome to bring your own sack lunch. For those who can’t make the daytime event, on Wednesday November 7th there will be an evening event covering the overview of biochar with an introduction to the technology from 7-9 pm at the Kerby Belt Building.

Location: All of the morning sessions and the Wednesday evening session will be held at the RCC Belt Building in Kerby, Oregon, 29 miles south of Grants Pass. (Kerby Belt Building, 24353 Redwood Highway, Kerby, OR 97531) Afternoon demonstrations will be conducted in nearby field sites with the cooperation of the US Forest Service, BLM and private forestry contractors. Directions to each site and carpooling arrangements will be arranged during each morning session.

Directions: From I-5 take Exit 55 at Grants Pass, OR and onto US-199 towards Crescent City, CA for 29 miles. The Belt Building will be on the left near the intersection of US-199 and School Street in Kerby, OR.
More about Carbon Cultures
Carbon Cultures is a company formed by students at the University of Washington to develop a mobile biochar technology. The National Science Foundation awarded the group $50,000 last year to commercialize their invention. The technology consists of a heat-resistant cover that can be placed over a slash pile to form a biochar-baking kiln. Biochar is made by thermal degradation of biomass in the absence of oxygen. The cover controls the airflow to the burning slash pile, allowing limited air for some combustion to provide heat for baking, while excluding enough air to promote the formation of charcoal. In pilot studies on half-ton slash piles, the cover converted wood waste into biochar with 20-30 percent efficiency. Compared to an open fire, the technology significantly reduces the amount of smoke and particulate pollution released into the air, while producing a valuable product, biochar. The biochar can either be left in place to improve forest soils on site, or it can be collected and sold for use as a soil amendment for gardens and farms.
More about biochar
Biochar is charcoal that is suitable for use as a soil amendment. Biochar is a stable form of carbon that will last for hundreds to thousands of years in soil. Biochar has been shown to provide many benefits to soil structure, improving retention of water and nutrients and supporting soil life. Biochar also serves to sequester carbon in soils, providing an important pathway for removing carbon from the atmosphere to mitigate climate change.
Contact for more information:
Jenny Knoth, Carbon Cultures,
JD Tovey, Carbon Cultures,
Kelpie Wilson, Illinois Valley Forest Practices Committee, for questions please call: 541-592-3083 or 541-218-9890
Local lodging for those coming from out of town:

Carbon Cultures
Forestry Action Committee
Ms.Kelpie Wilson
Biochar Consultant
Home Office: 541-592-3083
Mobile: 541-218-9890
Google Voice: 646-535-7439 (646-kelpiew)
Skype: kelpie.wilson
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