Tax breaks; Someone in Montana needs to talk to this guy?


Why does everyone want to stuff CO2 gas down a hole?
No-one knows if it will work or, if it does, for how long.
Terra preta and carbon-soil sequestration is proven.
So why no tax breaks here?

I note there is no provision to select "politics" when making a post?

Montana Legislature
A Messy Start for Carbon Sequestration Bill

By Dan Testa, 1-17-07

Greg Lind, D-Missoula, introduced a bill in the Legislature Wednesday that would give tax breaks to carbon sequestration equipment. File photo by Brian McDermott.

While the governor was in the rotunda giving the Republican House Speaker the gift of a bolo tie, on the fourth floor of the capitol representatives from the oil, coal and power industry were lining up to support a bill that could combat global warming.
. . . .
Bud Clinch, executive director of the Montana Coal Council, said the amendments could narrow the billSports brands | Nike nike dunk sb denim high heels sneakers fashion Shadow Pastel - Grailify