Update on Biochar Trials in Hangzhou, China

Tom Miles

Update on Biochar Trials in Hangzhou, China

Robert flanagan, SAFFE, Hangzhou, China, August 28, 2007

Ready to eat after 59days

Ready to Eat in 59 Days


Hey Tom,

Great stuff, thanks for giving us an update, we can only
hope the word gets out there and more get involved.

I'm hoping Dr Zhong and his student visit my field trial
today and start taking some samples. Last Friday I took some photos (attached)
and it was very clear to see the benefits of biochar.




(Select image to enlarge)


Control + Biochar






Seaweed + Biochar






Vinegar + Biochar


Report Day 52:



Hi Guys,


I've just added the latest pictures of my trial onto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B8VGq-1qn4 .
On this trail I have not used any soil fertilizer, only micro nutrients
are being applied as a foliar feed (five applications to date). At this point
we can see a clear difference in the corn cob development and this appears
quite early for a 90day seed.

I guess the next logical trial will be to do more localized
charcoal application around the seed and see if we can achieve similar results.
Here I'm thinking we try three application rates (maybe 100,200&300ml)
of charcoal. I'm sure it would be beneficial to add nutrients of microbes
at this point. I've run out of time to conduct this trail in
China but I might have an opportunity to carry this out in Indonesia if so
I'll do my best to post all data on youtube.


Robert Flanagan
Chairman & President
Hangzhou Sustainable Agricultural Food & Fuel Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Tel: 86-571-881-850-67
Cell: 86-130-189-959-57











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