The Charcoalab Project: Charcoalab Pot Trials

Tom Miles

The Charcoalab Project: Charcoalab Pot Trials

Robert Flanagan, SAFFE, China, Christelle Braun, Naomi, September 4, 2007

Charcoalab Pot Trials<br />
The Charcoalab Project<br />
September 2007

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I've attached a few photos of some of my pot trials that
are part of the charcoal kids kit idea that Christoph, Naomi, Christelle and
myself are working on. I'm hoping in the coming weeks we'll have something to
put forward to you guys to "peer review".

You can also see some pot trials that the "China
National Research Center of Bamboo" are conducting also with bamboo and
rice hull charcoal.


PS. I also got an email from these guys this morning, so
I'm keen as to see the update on their charcoal production method.

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