Zia is a Moore word for 'pit', and that's the idea. These are pits that help capture dew and small sources of water and hold them so that plants can grow.

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Microcatchment Rainwater Harvesting Systems: Zai Planting Holes Section 2.1
Olufunke Cofie, Boubacar Barry, Deborah Bossio, International Water Management Institute, Ghana and Sri Lanka, Nobember 22-25, 2004

[img_assist|nid=391|title=Zai Planting pit, Sandy Soil, Niger|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=400|height=293]

"Human Resources as a driver of Bright Spots: the case of rainwater harvesting in West Africa", Conference Paper 19, NEPAD/IGAD Regional Conference: Agricultural Successes in the Greater Horn of Africa, Nairobi 22-25, 2004

2.1 Micro-catchment rainwater harvesting systems

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