On the Practical Biology web site, there's a nicely done lesson plan that lays out how to do biochar, and biochar + compost tests with Broad Beans

Lesson plan link:

This lesson plan talks kids through laying out a plot test with proper controls and blending biochar.
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Soil Analysis: Interpreting a Soil Test for lawns
John R. Street, Maurice E. Watson, William E. Pound, Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet, HYG-4028

Factsheet. This publication will help you interpret the recommendations provided by The Ohio State University's soil testing laboratory. The facility is termed the Research Extension Analytical Lab (R.E.A.L.) and is an important facility for testing lawn soils.

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Introduction to Soil Science
T.S. Tollefson, University of Saskatchewan, CA SCSR Open Courseware 41/240

This course is designed for students in the Diploma in Agriculture program and first and second year students in the B.S.A. program. Graduate students in the Soil Science may also find the course useful background for their qualifying or comprehensive exams.


Contributions of Pinus Ponderosa Charcoal to Soil Chemical and Physical Properties
Christopher M. Briggs in Briggs, Breiner, Graham Pinus Ponderosa Charcoal 9 May 2005

Charcoal results from the incomplete burning of plant material and is found in most
soil surface horizons, but little is known about its effects on soil properties. The objectives of this
study were (1) to determine the chemical and physical properties of ponderosa pine charcoal


Wisconsin Procedures for Soil Testing, Plant Analysis and Feed and Forage Analysis
Editor: John Peters, Department of Soil Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison(Compiled December, 2006)

This document provides analytical procedures on the following:

Soil Sample Preparation
Internal Check System
Soil pH and Sikora Lime Requirement
Available Phosphorus
Available Potassium
Organic Matter
Weight Loss-on-Ignition (LOI 360o)
B, Mn, Ca/Mg, SO4-S, and NO3-N

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