International Agrichar Initiative (IAI)

Agrichar Video
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2007

Video on Agrichar, International Agrichar Initiative conference (April 2007), BEST Technologies, and use of agrichar in Australia.



Improving wheat production with deep banded Oil Mallee Charcoal in Western Australia
Paul Blackwell1, Syd Shea2, Paul Storer3, Zakaria Solaiman4, Mike Kerkmans5, and Ian Stanley6
Agchar Initiative Conference Terrigal New South Wales. April 29 - May 2, 2007

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About Biochar: Biochar White Paper
International Biochar Initiative, October2007
Biochar: A Soil Amendment that Combats Global Warming and Improves Agricultural Sustainability and Environmental Impacts
Introduction to Biochar

Biochar and bioenergy co-production from urban, agricultural and forestry biomass can help combat global climate change by displacing fossil fuel use, by sequestering carbon in stable soil carbon pools, and by dramatically reducing emissions of nitrous oxides, a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. , As a soil amendment, biochar helps to improve the EarthRunning sport media | adidas

Presentations from the International Agrichar Initiative
International Agrichar Initiative 2007 Conference, Terrigal, Australia, April 29 - May 2, 2007

Monday, April 30, 2007: Conference Day 1

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Poster Presentations from IAI Conference Now Available Online
International Agrichar Initiative 2007 Conference April 29 - May 2, 2007


*Joseph, S., A. Downie, J. Lehmann: Classification of Chars for Agricultural Use
*Novotny, E.H. et al.: NMR Characterization of BiofineBest jordan Sneakers | nike sb and 6.0 merge in word problems 97 Featured in Pink and Cream - Wpadc

Mallee Charcoal: part of a beneficial cycle?
Western Mineral Fertilisers, Australia April 2007

Mallee charcoal

Mallee Charcoal

See presentation: Blackwell P, Shea S, Storer P, Kerkmans M, Stanley I: Improving wheat production with deep banded Oil Mallee charcoal in WA


Special Report: Inspired by Ancient Amazonians, a Plan to Convert Trash into Environmental Treasure
Anne Casselman, Scientific, In Focus May 15, 2007

New bill in U.S. Senate will advocate adoption of "agrichar" method that could lessen our dependence on fossil fuel and help avert global warming

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Australia leads the way in a new approach to removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
Stephen Joseph, Best Energies, Australia, February 7, 2007

Australia has been selected as the host of the first International Conference on the use of Agrichar (also known as Bio-char), to be held between 29th April and 2nd May, 2007 in the sea-side resort of Terrigal, just a few hours drive from Sydney.

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