Nice academic introduction to biochar from Dr. David Laird.

Biochar: an Introduction to an Industry from CenUSA Bioenergy on Vimeo.

Dr. David Laird gives us an introduction to biochar, and research being done by CenUSA to investigate it's potential for use as a soil amendment.
Video filmed by Kelsey Lee, edited by Dylan VanBoxtel.
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CenUSA Bioenergy is supported by Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grant no. 2011-68005-30411 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.


The Charcoal Vision: A WinMysneakers | Sneakers


Bioenergy Activities at Ames, IA

Research Project: Ecologically-Based Soil Management for Sustainable Agriculture and Resource Conservation (3625-12000-012-00D) (D.L. Karlen, LS)

Objective: To develop innovative, ecologically-based crop and soil nutrient management practices for enhanced productivity and negligible off-site agricultural impacts.

Distinguishing Black Carbon from Biogenic Humic Substances in Soil Clay Fractions
Laird, David, Chappell, Mark, Martens, Dean, Wershaw, Robert, Thompson, Michael
Geoderma, October 3, 2007
Interpretive Summary:

Use of Charcoal to Enhance Soil Quality in a Future Powered by Bioenergy
David A. Laird, USDA, ARS, National Soil Tilth Laboratory
Growing the Bioeconomy Conference 2005, Iowa State University, Ames, IA

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