Arborists in Chicago are studying the results of biochar on trees growing in urban soils that are typically hostile to trees. This research is part of a larger urban-soils study that includes applications of biochar in greenhouse and field plot settings at The Morton Arboretum. The Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories have also been testing adding biochar to the soil mix when planting trees. More information and media coverage of this study about biochar and urban tree care can be found on the Bartlett Tree Experts web site.Asics footwear | GOLF NIKE SHOES


Canadian conference on "Greenhouse Gases: Mitigation and Utilization" 8-12 July 2007
Duane Pendergast, February 16, 2007

I recently received a conference notice of potential interest to Terra Preta researchers and developers.

The conference scope provides for papers on the carbon balance, CO2 sequestration in soil and biomass, mitigation of N2O and methane, enhanced agriculture and forestry, regulatory frameworks for carbon capture and
storage and science for policy development and public understanding.

CHEMRAWN-XVII and ICCDU-IX Conference on GREENHOUSE GASES Mitigation and Utilization
8-12 July 2007 Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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