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Gasifier stoves in 3 sizes
Rice husk and pellet char

Here you see all three gasifiers along with the biochar that they produce.
It is easy to imagine:


Improving water and soil resources for tree production - Vietnam
NSW Department of Primary Industries, Australia


Water for irrigation is a scarce resource in topical dry seasons. Nutrient losses due to erosion and leaching are high in topical wet seasons. This project will evaluate practices within horticultural tree crops to increase the efficiency of use of scarce irrigation water and applied nutrients in subtropical NSW and Vietnam. The project will evaluate the potential to apply partial rootzone drying to cashew and macadamia nut crops. The effect of biochar on soil nutrient and water availability will be assessed.
Project Objectives

The objectives of this research project are to:

FADINAP's Regional IPNS programme in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam, Philippines, and Pakistan from 1997 to mid-2002

FADINAP's IPNS programme aims at assisting member countries to render sustainable agricultural production patterns through stabilization of soil fertility, ensuring better yields, and increased rural incomes.

IPNS Training Manual

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