Current activities of biofertilizer project in Japan

Tom Miles

Current activities of biofertilizer project in Japan
Takuji Ohyama, Faculty of Agriculture, Niigata University

Biofertilizer mailing list
Biofertilizer mailing list has been established for exchanging information among researchers, producers, technicians, farmers, students and people who are interested in biofertilizer in Asia proposed in the last meeting in Bangkok. This list is managed by Project manager Dr. Tsuguo Genka JAIF. There are 73 people in the current list.
51 Japan, 7 Thailand, 5 China, 2 the Phillipines, 2 Indonesia, 1 Malaysia, 1 Vietnam, 1 Korea, 1 Taiwan, 1 Bangladesh, 1 ICRISAT.

In order to make asian networks of biofertilizer, it is necessary to ask to resistrate more than 10 people in each country.

We send BFINFOs as follows.
0001 Start of Biofertilizer Information of FNCA (02.4.22)
0002 Draft of Bio. Newsletter from Dr. Genka (02.4.22)
0003-0006 Workshop announcement from ICRISAT (02.4.22-)
0007 Database of biofertilizer mailing group (02.5.13)
0009 The 10th New Phytologist Symposium on Functional Genomics of PlantMicrobe Interactions
0010 Bio. Newsletter Issue 1
0012 Meeting about BIOTEC during 17-20 July 2003 in Thailand
0013 17th World Congress of Soil Science in 2002 Bangkok
0014 Post doctoral fellow of York Univ. England
0015 Research information about NOD facter receptor

Until now, all the informations were sent from Japanese group and ICRISAT. Please feel free to send any news, comments, questions as a BFINFO to Dr. Genka. In near future the home page of biofertilizer project FNCA should be started based on the mailing lists.

FNCA Coordinators Meeting

The meeting was held from 6-8 March 2002 in Tokyo. In this meeting the project proposal of affiliate tracking url | UK Trainer News & Releases