Larger Scale Pyrolizers

For a list of commercial companies making Biochar for Home, Garden, or Light Industrial use see: Buy Biochar

Combined Heat and Char Systems

Combined Power and Char Systems

Pyrolysis Systems

  • ABRI-TECH Inc (formerly Advanced Biorefinery Inc.), Quebec, Canada
    Sustainable bioenergy equipment for the future. Offering pyrolysis systems, biomass dryers, and research & development.
  • Adam + Partner, Garmish, Germany
    Low cost retort kiln or Improved Charcoal Production System (ICPS)for developing countries.
    These kilns are available in the USA through New England Biochar
  • Agri-Tech Producers, Columbia, South Carolina, usa
    Torrefaction systems
    Agri-Tech Producers offers commercial grade Torrefaction machines, their standard machine will produce 5 tons of torrefied wood per hour, and they are working with North Carolina State University on a pelletizing system that will make cost effective, and water repellent pellets out of standard cellulosic biomass.
  • AGRI-THERM, Ltd., Canada
    Pilot plan, Mobile Pyrolysis plants, testing in 2009.
  • Alterna Biocarbon, Prince George, BC, Canada
    Alterna Biocarbon manufactures and markets biocarbon, which is produced from renewable resources.
  • Ambient Energy, LLC, Washington, USA
    Ambient Energy, LLC ("AE") provides comprehensive solutions for waste to energy problems for its clients. AE can assist its clients with the environmental and commercial aspects of advanced recycling technologies for most major waste streams: Bio-solids (corn, manure, oils, etc.); Used tires; Municipal Solid Waste (MSW); Biomass (agricultural field waste residue, wood waste, etc.); Post-consumer plastics. These can be converted into a number of valuable products, such as electricity, fuel, carbon, and agricultural char.
  • Appropriate Rural Technology Institute ARTI, Pune, India
    Briquetted Charcoal from Sugarcane Trash: Dry leaves, left in field after harvest of sugarcane, are called trash. On an average, a hectare of sugarcane generates about 10 tonnes of trash. Because it has no value as cattle fodder, and because it also resists decomposition, the trash is burnt in situ. Pyrolysing the trash and converting it into fuel briquettes, can be a very profitable, small scale, rural business.
  • Avello Bioenergy, United States
    Avello Bioenergy is commercializing proprietary technology in the evolving field of biomass fast pyrolysis. Avello Bioenergy brings a novel and innovative approach to pyrolysis oil fractionation to the industry. Based in central Iowa, Avello Bioenergy is positioned in the center of the fast growing Bioeconomy.
  • Biocarbo, Brazil
    Located in Itabirito, Minas gerais, the company produces biochar (Biocarbo) and wood vinegar (Bipirol).
  • Biochar Industries, Australia.
    Sustainable Biochar production from forestry waste. Biochar education centre Kunghur provides education for Industry, Government and young adults through biochar learning circles and a pilot commercial biochar Industry. Sustainable forest management and Forest conversions from Monoculture to Native
  • Biochar Products Oregon, United States,
    Biochar Products is in the early stages of developing a biochar 10 Dry Ton Per Day biochar plant to be located on the old Ellingson Lumber mill site near Halfway, Oregon. The plant will be portable so it can be moved into the forest during months where fuels reduction projects are occurring. Chipped waste wood can be utilized on site and the bio-oil and charcoal hauled out of the forest as a completed product.
  • Biochar Solutions (formerly Biochar Engineering), Colorado, United States, Mobile Biochar production units that convert woody biomass to heat and char.
  • Bioenergy LLC St Petersburg, Russia
    Bioenergy LLC developed a new technological approach for charcoal production, the "POLIKOR" family of equipment. The first "POLIKOR-3" was put into operation in December 2002 in Arkhangelsk. Five kilns of this series work now.
  • Biouhel, Lower temperature carbonizer, Czechoslovakia
  • Black Earth Products, Australia.
    Production, wholesale and retail of poultry litter and high carbon Biochars. Continuous flow pyrolysis technology focused on producing premium quality nutrient bonded Biochars
  • Carbon Brokers International , Colorado, USA
  • Carbon, USA
    Pyrolysis Process; Makers of CharGROW soil Amendment.
  • Carbon Terra, Augsburg, Germany
    The Schottdorf-Meiler pyrolysis plants with an annual biochar production capacity of 1000 tonnes
  • Diacarbon Energy Inc.
    (Formerly JF Bioenergy), Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
  • Dynamotive , Vancouver, Canada
    Fast Pyrolysis.
  • Eco-Carbone, France
  • Energy Farmers, Australia
  • Eprida, Georgia, USA
  • Exeter Biochar Retort
  • Full Circle Biochar, San Francisco, USA.
  • Greentech Solutions California, USA
  • HM3, Oregon, USA Torrefied wood pilot plant
  • Interra Energy, California, USA
  • NettEnergy, The Netherlands
  • New England Biochar, Shelbourne, Vermont, USA
  • 3R Environmental Technologies Group, Sweden.
  • Regenis, Quakenbrück, Germany
  • Super Stone Clean International, Japan
    Super Stone Clean 530 for making Iwamoto Mineral Biochar
  • Waste to Energy Solutions Florida and Alabama, USA Offering Biochar and Biochar Makers

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