Charcoal Making Videos

Tom Miles

Charcoal Making Videos
YouTube, July 2007

SAFFE, Huangzhou, China Renewable Carbon Negative Energy

ioherbalalchemy, USA, Making Charcoal

Making Charcoal in Ivory Coast, West Africa March 18, 2007 ML Murphy

Workers in Ivory Coast producing charcoal. In the interview, Hammah explains they often fall ill from breathing in the smoke. The tea and coffee cart is a popular way to sell beverages in this West African country. Rebels seized the north of the country in a brief 2002-2003 civil war. The president and rebel leader agreed on a new peace plan to reunite it in March 2007, to be implemented over 10 months.

Indian Workers Making Charcoal October 31, 2006

Workers in Andhra Pradesh burning huge piles of wood to make charcoal to sell (more)

AIDG The making of a charcoal press January 04, 2007

An 8 second clip of the pieces that go into a charcoal press.

Haciendo Carbon Azua, December 08, 2006

How the process of making charcoal is started. Filmed outside of Azua, Dominican Republic.

Charcoal Truck, Thailand

Charcoal Dust Explosions June 20, 2007

Several of my charcoal dust ground experiments. The last two included naphthalene, which seemed to add some serious power to the last one. Aerial maroons have so far seemed to be more of a problem, but it's a work in progress. Please ignore my friends laugh at the end.

A Charcoal Burn March 2006

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