Examples of Soil Improvement at EPRIDA

Tom Miles

Examples of Soil Improvement at EPRIDA
Doug Clayton, April 2007


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I took the pictures when I visited Danny Day at Eprida last month.

The first shot is of the red Georgia clay before and after charcoal had been tilled in two years prior. The second shows some "structure" as a result of the charcoal treatment. The untreated had become very hard (compacted).

Three and four illustrate how tilth was improved. In both shots Danny
is pushing the device (penetrometer??) with a force of 300#/ sq. in.
and it is obvious how much looser the soil in the fourth image is!

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Note: Root penetration decreases linearly with penetration resistance, until almost no roots penetrate into soil with a penetration resistance of 300 psi. See: Measuring Soil Using a Penetrometer Pennsylvania State University Best Sneakers | Air Jordan Sneakers