Foidl, Balcony Sunflowers

Erin Rasmussen
Sunflowers growing on the Balcony

Nikolaus Foidl, September, 2011

Trying to get my balcony garden to be more productive, i digged out the whole through and layed a layer of pebble stones on the bottom 10 cm of wood cuttings ontop and then a mix of the digged out soil with bark mulch and char( 50 tons per ha).

Then i planted 8 sunflowers per 2 m2 half of them with additional salicylic acid. As the birds where eating up already the half ripe seeds i had to harvest the already bigger heads. The non salicylic acid treated are about 10 days slower in ripening and somehow smaller.

Head diameter average of the salicylic treated is 34 cm( between 32 to 35 cm).The only char treated are around 24 cm diameter(22 to 27 cm). I have no non char non salicylic treated samples as i have not enough space on my balcony.
But the trial serves as an anectotal trial not as a scientific trial.

So have fun with the pictures
best regards Nikolaus
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