GTZ funded project on Biocioal at the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok

Sribas Chandra Bhattacharya

GTZ funded the above project in late 1980s. At that time we used the term "Biocoal" (rather than "Biochar")for charcoal produced from solid organic residues such as agricultural residues and waste wood. In hindsight, as the Principal Investigator of the project, I find the project findings were quite interesting. The findings of the project were reported in a book titled "Biocoal Technology and Economics" published in 1990 by "Regional Energy Resources Information Center (RERIC)" ( The chapters of the 495-page book were: 1. State of the art of biocoal technology, 2. Biocoal technology: A comparison of options and recommendations, 3. Carbonisation of sawdust briquettes, 4. Laboratory-scale batch carbonisation selected residues, 5. Cost and availability of selected residues in Thailand, 6. Characterisation of selected residues, 7. Biocoal: Market requirements and Opportunities in Thailand, 8. Economics of biocoal production in Thailand, and 9. Economics of biocoal production in Thailand.

I understand that a few copies of the book are still available with RERIC. A number of chapters of the book were summarised as International journal papers. I will be happy to share some of these, if I can still find them in my folders, with interested persons for their personal use and research purpose; interested persons are welcome to write to me ( for this purpose.trace affiliate link | FASHION NEWS