JFBiocarbon Pot Tests May 16, 2007

Tom Miles

JFBiocarbon Pot Tests May 16, 2007
John Flottvik, JFBiocarbon, May 16, 2007
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Here is a new set of photos.
There are 5 seeds of spaghetti squash in each pot. The photos are self explanatory, but one thing I have noticed is how the different seeds grow. For an example; Although the carrots are very (barely showing) small, they are about the same size across from pot 1 to 6. The corn is only good in pot 3-4-& 5. You can barley see them in the back row. Green onions are about 4 inches in pot 2-3-4-& 5.
I noticed in one post some soil testing equipment. For a home hobby project like mine, can someone suggest what I should have to help determine properties of soil and mixes I am working with? As I'm working with financial fumes, a bare minimum would help.
Michael; Un-scientifically, my pots with the most charcoal, pot # 2 takes almost a minute for the water to disappear from the top, while all the rest soak trough immediately. I think charcoal holds water longer that just soil. That's my 2 cents worth.
Thanks in Advance.

John Flottvik
JF BioCarbon.TM

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