A Celebration of Biochar

Make Biochar and Biochar compost with Sean Barry, Larry Williams and Richard Haard.

Events Scheduled

Open Discussions ongoing

Saturday, September 19
Setting up, firing and monitoring the kiln

Sunday September 20
harvest and breakup the Biochar

Saturday September 26
Another burn this time with dry garden
waste. AND making Biochar based compost

Sunday September 27
again harvest and breakup of Biochar
and distribution of Biochar for gardening

Who will attend this admission free event?
Are you interested in production and use of
Biochar? Then you are welcome to attend.

Safety concerns and working farm location require
proper clothing, gloves, shoes, and attendance at a
safety discussion. Loading the kiln is safe and
more hands help. After that, there is not much
activity, managing fire draft and moving stacks
Likely, we will have an evening barbeque on Saturday.

Event Contacts
Registration application and local information --
Richard Haard, haardrichard46@gmail.com or (360) 201 5174
Kiln information and appointments for other demonstrations --
Sean Barry, http://www.troposphere-energy.com,
sean.barry@juno.com (651)-285-0904 (Work/Cell),
351-0711 (home/fax)buy shoes | NIKE HOMME