Erin Rasmussen

Nikolaus Foidl, January, 2012

In a small non scientific trial in my garden i can observe increased resistance against cold. Since 35 days the outside conditions are hovering around - 4 degrees Celsius during the night and 4 degrees Celsius during the day and still all the char plus trace minerals and salicylic acid treated plants are growing and flowering. There are rosemary,sage,roses,perennial flowers strawberries etc. I get fruits on the strawberries and they continue flowering. As well the rose is flowering and new flowerpots are growing. It seems that char with mineral mix and salicylic acid increases frost or cold resistance. In 3 of the foots you can see the through where i did not apply and there only the winter hardy evergreens are surviving, the rose died and the rest of the plants are dead or dormant as well. I in general observed increased drought, heat and cold resistant with this mix. Might be of interest for the char community.
with my best regards Nikolaus

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