Seaweed plus Charcoal Growing Tests

Erin Rasmussen

Charcoal, made from wood pellets, and seaweed, were the two additives
Pot tests were run outside, using pots made from tires with one sidewall cut
Tests were run in triplicate as follows:
1: Seaweed only
2: Control soil, no additives
3: Seaweed + charcoal
4: Charcoal only.

Corn was planted in each pot, and watered regularly. Height of corn plant
measured after 30 days. Average plant heights after 30 days were as

1: Seaweed only 55 cm
2: Control soil, no additives 31 cm
3: Seaweed + charcoal 51 cm
4: Charcoal only 23 cm

Results were disappointing, with the charcoal test yielding least height gain. It is felt that the disappointing results were a result of the charcoal absorbing some of the nutrients
that were limiting plant growth, with the result being even less growth potential

Thanks, and Best Wishes,

Kevin Chisholm
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