The Water Channel Webinar #17: Biocharculture

Erin Rasmussen

Dr Sai Bhaskar Reddy Nakka,
Geoecology Energy Organisation (GEO)
The Water Channel

Dr. Nakka is giving Webinar #17: Biocharculture November 4, 2014 1330 GMT :: 1900 Indian time

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Biochar’ is charcoal used for particular purposes, especially as an addition to the soil to enhance its fertility.

At the centre of ‘Biocharculture’ lies the application of biochar in the management of soil, livestock, biomass energy, water purification, sanitation, etc. It is therefore a holistic approach; a sustainable relationship with nature.

Biocharculture draws its sustainability from certain properties of biochar: the fact that its use is essentially a reuse of a by product of combustion; its capacity to sequester carbon when added to soil; its ability to trap nutrients as a soil additive; and its antibacterial properties.

A surge of enthusiasm around biochar’s potential has attracted much commercial interest. However, the idea of large-scale biochar production has come under criticism by many, who accuse such enterprises of “destroying the biosphere in order to save it.”

In his recent book on biochar ’Biocharculture - for Environment and Development’, Dr. Sai Bhaskar Reddy emphasizes that the optimal function of biochar is as part of a broader culture of sustainability. Viewing it as a magic substance that can be applied to soil and reverse climate change would be a mistake. But letting its potential underutilized would be a missed opportunity as well.

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