Exhaust Carbonization with 12/1 Listeroid

Tom Miles

Exhaust Carbonization with 12/1 Listeroid
Rolf, Energies Naturales, August 15, 2008
Exhaust Carbonization
Exhaust Carbonization: Exchanger screws into cyl. head left side, muffler comes on the right

Hallo friends of black magic,
just to make shure it works (or not) I made a little experiment in exhaust carbonization of granulated biomass .

It is a " quick and dirty " one ,I must admit but it gives a qualitative insight.

I run a 12/1 Listeroid on pure old veg oil. It puts out typically 2.5 kW el at 750 rpm, perhaps 1/3 load. The exhaust temp is around 360Best Sneakers | Nike Air Max Tn Homme - nike tn pas cher