Seattle Biochar Working Group / Urban Plot Testing Program

Tom Miles

Seattle Biochar Working Group / Urban Plot Testing Program
Art Donnelly, , December 22, 2008



As this dramatically historic year winds to an end, I am sending out this update of the Seattle Biochar Working Group's immediate plans. We have recently organized as a registered 501c3 non-profit corporation. Our mission is to gain widespread acceptance for the Biochar strategy for long term sequestration of atmospheric Co2. I realize that the large group of people, to whom I am sending this short note, have a range of familiarity with this topic. I also realize that this overview is very light on specifics. A more detailed proposal will be forth coming soon after the beginning of the New Year. I believe each of you can make a critical contribution to the success of this important work. I would like to follow up with each of you individually and continue a more specific conversation with you.

Let me very briefly outline the's planned urban plot testing program in the metropolitan Seattle area:
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