UN Climate Change Conference: Biochar present at the Bali Conference

Tom Miles

UN Climate Change Conference: Biochar present at the Bali Conference
Christoph Steiner, to Terra Preta Discussion List, November

I was hoping that biochar finds a hearing at the UN climate change conference in Bali. I am very glad that biochar got two hours in Bali:
December 13, 13:00-15:00, Bali International Convention Center
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Theme UNCCD: Sustainable Land Management for Adaptation to Climate Change

Welcome Statement: Executive secretary of the UNCCD

Keynote Statement: President of the UNCCD COP


* Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Zech; University of Bayreuth

An overview of naturally occurring soil carbon, its depletion and how to redress this trend. The origin of Terra Preta soils and how their replication could have the most significant impact on the achievement of the targets of the World Food Summit.

* Dr. Christoph Steiner; University of Georgia

Soil charcoal amendments: maintaining soil fertility, reducing soil vulnerability, and establishing a carbon sink

* Goodspeed Kopolo; UNCCD

Harnessing the results in a sustainable loop that enhances adaptation to and mitigation of climate change effort in synergistic ways that also help achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

* Alejandro Kilpatrick (tbc); Global Mechanism

Possible Funding sources for soil charcoal amendment programmes, and for mitigation of land degradation in general.
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