Josh Kearns

Josh Kearns
Aqueaous Solutions

Water Treatment with Biochar from Josh Kearns on Vimeo.

From their web site,active field and laboratory research projects include:

  • applicability of indigenous charcoals and biochar materials for water treatment targeting pesticides and other hazardous synthetic organic compounds.
  • indigenous charcoal / biochar applications in eco-sanitation and composting latrines
  • bio-filtration systems: design and monitoring of slow-sand/bio-sand and bio-carbon water filters
  • intermittent flow-through solar disinfection (SODIS) systems
  • development of field-based analytical methods and best practices for water quality monitoring and treatment system evaluation
Gasifier test setup

Josh Kearns
Aqueous Solutions

Contamination of drinking water sources by synthetic organic compounds (SOCs – e.g. pesticides, pharmaceuticals, fuel compounds) is a growing worldwide problem. Many of these chemicals bio-accumulate in the human body and cause cancer, birth defects and diseases of the reproductive system, and disrupt endocrine and neurological systems. However, few low-cost, sustainable and appropriate treatment technologies are available to rural and developing communities for SOC removal. Moreover, SOCs are rarely or not-at-all addressed in the majority of safe drinking water programs implemented by major international development NGOs and government agencies, university research programs, philanthropic organizations, non-profits, faith-based charities, etc.

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