George Wightman Wallace Activated Carbon Reactor 1926
Jeff Davis, January 24, 2010

This patent changed the way I look at pyrolysis:


Every word counts and it deserves special attention. It reminds me of the TLUD design.

Some good background information:

I don't know about you guys but Monday I'm hitting Lowes for some flue pipe supplies before going to work.



he author, Gary Gilmore, explains how he designed a charcoal retort from steel drums. This is a smoke free design also the flare could be put to use.

Charcoal by Gary Gilmore video 1

First make the retort by adding air holes to the bottom of a steel drum.
Then make the afterburner by turning another steel drum into a tube.

Then start loading the wood (no more than 20% moisture) tightly packed into the retort. (This contains a great description of wood as nature's battery).

Charcoal by Gary Gilmore video 2

Once you have the wood packed in the retort, build a small fire on the top. (There is a nice description of a top lit retort system). Once the small top fire has caught, ad the afterburner (the tube) to the top of the retort.


This is Puffergas' first test of growing potatoes in switchgrass compost. The potatoes were grown in containers and charcoal was added to the compost.
See link below:
Potato 2007 by Puffergas
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Joshua Bogart wrote:
> There is a local market for this firewood and at least in the smaller
> tracts we would be able to sell as dry firewood, but I am looking into
> the possibility of converting to charcoal which would increase the
> value and lower the costs of transportation, if it would be possible
> to produce energy for local use all the better. How difficult would it
> be to design a system that would 1) work on this type of material, 2)
> provide an efficient charcoal production, 3) provide some energy for
> local use?

Dear Joshua,

The below documents might be of some help:

COMPARING SIMPLE CHARCOAL PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE CARIBBEAN http://www.cd3wd.com/cd3wd_40/vita/charcprd/en/charcprd.htm

Simple technologies for charcoal making

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