Agricultural Applications for Biomass Pyrolysis
Jon Nilsson, Carbon Char Group, NJ, Presentation to UN, November 2008

Agricultural ApplicationsAgricultural Applications

Soil Scientist, Jon Nilsson of the Carbon Char Group presented Agricultural

Applications for Biomass Pyrolysis at the UN Commission on Sustainable Development Partnerships Fair earlier this year. This was part of the Partnership in New Technologies for Small Island Developing States. The powerpoint of this presentation is available here.


The Charming Bamboo Charcoal in Taiwan
Taipei Municipal Daan Vocational Industrial High School, Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwan, Cyberfair 2008, February 2008

Bamboo Charcoal Fertilized VegetablesBamboo Charcoal Fertilized Vegetables

The Care for the Environment

The Project

Description of Our Community

In this community there are consumers like us who are interested in environment-friendly products, local business people who are trying to make use of natural resources, and research institutes who are helping make the economy and the environment better. Our project hopes to connect these three kinds of people so that we can know each other better and care more about our environment.


Soil Secrets: Humic Acids
Dr. Melendez, Soil Secrets, Courtesy Daved Yarrow December 2008

The Web site for the Terra Pro Products, has a good online resource for information at

And they've recently posted videos, for people with high bandwidth connections for people to learn more about their products, and building better soils: Sneakers | Home

Seattle Biochar Working Group / Urban Plot Testing Program
Art Donnelly, , December 22, 2008



Wood Ash: An Alternative Liming Material for Agricultural Soils
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

Many forestry facilities in Alberta use bark, sawdust and yard waste, commonly referred to as "hog fuel," to generate steam, electricity and heat for plant operations. There are also several facilities that use hog fuel as an energy source to generate electricity. More than 180,000 tonnes of energy system wood ash produced annually at pulp mills, sawmills, oriented strand board and fibre board plants is currently disposed of in industrial or regional landfills.

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NEWMOA FACT SHEET: Beneficial Use of Wood Ash on Agricultural Land
April 6, 2001, Northeast Waste Management Officals Association

This fact sheet is intended to provide general information to potential users of unadulterated1 wood
combustion ash as an agricultural amendment. It is the responsibility of the producer and user of the ash to determine the appropriateness of a particular application and to select applicable tests and
specifications to facilitate its use and environmental protection. Potential users of unadulterated wood
combustion ash on agricultural land should contact the appropriate state regulatory program to identify specific use conditions and permit requirements. A listing of state contacts is located at the end of this fact sheet.


Best Management Practices for Wood Ash as a Soil Amendment
Prepared by Mark Risse, Extension Engineer, Updated by Julia Gaskin, Land Application Specialist 2002, Cooperative Extension Service,The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Wood was burned in the United States in the 1700s through the early 1900s to produce ash for chemical extraction. The ash was used mainly to produce potash for fertilizer and alkali for industry. As other potash production technologies became more economical, the value of wood ash as a raw material dropped.

Team from Rice wins $10,000 in 'Recycle Ike' contest
By Carolyn Feibel, Houston Chronicle, Dec. 10, 2008

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Pro-Natura Newsletter about Green charcoal and Biochar/Agrichar
Guy F. Reinaud, ProNatura, December 2008



You will find attached the Pro-Natura International Newsletter about Green charcoal used either as renewable household energy or in the agronomic field as Biochar/Agrichar, increasing substantially and ecologically soil fertility.

We will be happy to provide any further information you might need.

All the very best.

Guy F. Reinaud
Pro-Natura International
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2009 Events Calendar Carbon-Negative Northeast Network
Communities Confronting Climate Change, Energy Independence and Food Security
David Yarrow,November 2008

Carbon NegativeCarbon Negative

2009 Events Calendar
final version. see attached .pdf file
one page

i am assembling information into two FAQ sheets, one on biochar, the other on carbon-negative.

Attached is my first draft of the biochar FAQ.

for a green & peaceful planet,


Agricultural bio-char production, renewable energy generation and farm carbon sequestration in Western Australia: Certainty, uncertainty and risk
Mark P. McHenry, Murdock University, Western Australia, January 2009
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment,


World premiere of a pyrolysis plant combined with a Stirling engine
Danish Stirling, October 24, 2008
On October 24th the Danish Minister for the Environment Troels Lund Poulsen officially inaugurated the new pyrolysis plant at Barritskov Gods supplied by Stirling Denmark. The plant is the worlds first pyrolysis plant based on a Stirling engine and will provide heat and power to the facilities. Furthermore, the plant will produce a valuable charcoal for soil improvement and CO2 sequestration. The plant has been designed by Stirling Denmark based on the SD4 engine and on research on pyrolysis at DTU, Denmark. The plant will initially run on wood chips from recycled wooden crates, but the plant is expected to be able to handle many different types of biomass.


A charcoal production plant that also generates heat and electricity from the by-product gas
Biofuel Energy Sustems, Sustainable Energy Ltd., UK, 2004
BES Carbonizer

In 2004 Biofuel Energy Systems Ltd. developed a plant for charcoal production, which uses the gases given off during production to drive a gas turbine, generating heat and electricity. The electricity generated can be used on site (especially useful in remote areas with no electrical grid connection) or sold back to the grid for additional profit.


Paul Taylor, Greg Hall, John Seed, Geoff Moxham, November 2008

A useful URL:
For now I want to talk about basic Design Brief Essentials, then design particulars.
The design essentials identified so far :

1. Good conversion quality of feedstock to char.

Requires:- 500C core temp of char vessel (need: probe), therefore ~800C outer firebox
temperature, and enough thermal momentum to hold the firebox temps for an hour (soak);
therefore efficient insulation R values, and thermal mass, so: firebricks and cladding/mudding
are favoured. Additional small bourry box for soak may be necessary.

Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme
Jerome Mathews, Australian Biochars September 28, 2008
Submission by Australian Biochars Pty Ltd

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Carbonized Rice Hull
Courtesy, September 28,2008

Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice)Rice Technology Bulletin, No. 47, 2005

PhilRice Open Type
PhilRice Open Type

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Nutrient Recovery from Integrated Cellulosic Biorefineries (link)
Robert Brown, Iowa State University, Bioeconomy Institute 2008

"That Iowa has some of the richest soil in the world is no secret, and a group of researchers at Iowa State University would like to ensure that IowaBuy Sneakers | Nike News

Peter Cundall: Slow Burning Solution
In Organic Gardener (Australia), September/October 2008, Courtesy Ron Larson and Albert Bates
Using Biochar
Using Biochar

"How can we use biochar?

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International Biochar Initiative Newletter
August 2008

The International Biochar Initiative (IBI) began issuing a monthly newsletter in August 2008. To subscribe to the newsletter go to:
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Sustainable Forest Bioenergy Production Using In-woods Fast-pyrolysis Conversion Including Bio-oil Production and Bio-char Incorporation
USDA Forest Service News East to West 08/11/2008

Rocky Mountain Research Station
Researchers Receive Biomass Grant
RMRS Research Soil Scientist Deborah Page-Dumroese, Moscow, and her collaborators were recently awarded a biomass grant from the Washington Office. She is working with the University of Idaho, University of Montana, Umpqua National Forest, and Renewable Oil International, LLC on a project titled "Sustainable Forest Bioenergy Production Using In-woods Fast-pyrolysis Conversion Including Bio-oil Production and Bio-char Incorporation.Nike Sneakers Store | AIR MAX PLUS

Production and use of a soil amendment made by the combined production of hydrogen, sequestered carbon and utilizing off gases containing carbon dioxide
United States Patent 20040111968
Day, Danny Marshal (Atlanta, GA, US)
Lee, James Weifu (Knoxville, TN, US)



Mycorrhizal Fungi in Nursery Production: Facts & Fiction
Carolyn Scagel, USDA ARS, Horticultural Crops Research Laboratory, Corvallis, OR

See also:
Root Growth & Function--The Origin of All that is GreenSport media | NIKE AIR HUARACHE


Evaluating Performance of Ecologically Sound Organic Substrates under Different Temperature Regimes

Greenhouse trials were carried out over two years to investigate the high temperature (25Best jordan Sneakers | NIKE HOMME

Biochar Trial Photos
Empty Planting Trays on Rack Fine Wet Processed Charcoal Settling in Flask Bamboo Feedstock Softwood Chip Feedstock
Empty Planting Trays on Rack Fine Wet Processed Charcoal Settling in Flask Bamboo Feedstock


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