Bamboo Biochar Trial 2006 China
Robert Flanagan, SAFFE, China, July 2007

This is a trial we started last year using bamboo charcoal as a soil amendment. Last year we sent Cornell University soil samples last year and hope to continue this research with them in the future.


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Rice Planting Experiment With Charcoal Enriched Soil
Jochen Binikowski buddelbini@yahoo.de May 18, 2007


Experimental rice Planting Project
5 paddys at 5 x 4 meters each prepared with rice husk charcoal

Jochen Binikowski buddelbini@yahoo.de


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The Effect of Charcoal from Recycled Japanese Cedar Waste on the Elimination of Organic Matter in
Agricultural Land Drainage

Laboratory of Water Environment Conservation, Department of
Hydraulic Engineering, National Institute for Rural Engineering, Japan,


Development of a Comprehensive Series of Technologies for Lowland Cropping Systems in Northeast Thailand
Nobuyuki KABAKI1, Haruo TAMURA, Shinsaku FUJIMORI,Hirohiko MORITA4 , Bowpit URAIPONG5 , Uthai ARROMRATANA5 and Tawachai Na NAGARA5
Japan International Research center for Agricultural Sciences,
JARQ - January 2003 - (Vol. 37 No. 1 )

5. Efficient use of agri-byproducts

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