Australia leads the way in a new approach to removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
Stephen Joseph, Best Energies, Australia, February 7, 2007

Australia has been selected as the host of the first International Conference on the use of Agrichar (also known as Bio-char), to be held between 29th April and 2nd May, 2007 in the sea-side resort of Terrigal, just a few hours drive from Sydney.


'Managing the Carbon Cycle'
KATANNING, Western Australia 21-22 March 2007

VENUE: Katanning New Lodge, 172 Clive St, Katanning


Soil Organic Carbon
Jan Skjemstad, CRC Greenhouse Accounting

In Summary

Soil OC is a significant source and sink of atmospheric CO2

Soil is a complex, biologically active medium

Soil OC is not one material

Changes in SOC can be measured directly or can be modelled

The C sink value of soils is limited BUT increasing and maintaining SOC has many benefits for improved productivity and soil resilienceMysneakers | Patike


Verve Integrated Wood Processing (IWP) Plant Narrogin, Western Australia
Steve Schuck, Stephen Schuck and Associates Pty Ltd
, Bioenergy Australia Manager, February 12, 2007


September 5, 6 and 7,2014
Mullum Civic Hall and Mullum Community Gardens, Mullumbimby Australia

Bio-char Fest is in it's second year after a successful launch last year at the Mullumbimby Community Gardens Living Earth Festival where over 6000 people attended the day. This year the event aims to link the Bio-char, Carbon Farming (Hemp and Bamboo) and 3D printing industries with the view of capturing carbon in our soils, housing, consumer products and thus being one of the solutions to global warming whilst developing a more sustainable economy.

More info:

Lukas Van Zweiten of NSW DPI and Stephen Joseph from AnthroTerra and one of the original founders of the International Bio-char Iniative are heading up the bill.

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