Wood vinegar

wood vinegar

Pyracetic acid;impure acetic acid produced by the destructive distillation of pine tar and wood.

Synonym: pyroligneous vinegar. affiliate tracking url | Air Jordan Sneakers

Korean "Vital Force" Oak Wood Vinegar Product
ESDY Corporation,Korea

Detailed Product Description
Wood Vinegar come from Korean OAK tree, which are an innovative environmental 100% natural materials used as a soil fertilizer, Odor removal, animal feed additions etc etc. Your inquiries will get exact applications and effectiveness in most fields of usages other than below areas.

1. Agricultural use
- To sterilize the soil


Carbonland Plantonic Plant Growth Nutrient
Carbonland, Malyasia

Wood vinegar product.

PlantonicTM is an entirely plant-based extract produced from the carbonization of wood. The condensation of the gaseous substances during the process of carbonization gives a reddish-brown solution with distinct smokey odour that is known as pyroligneous acid or wood vinegar. The solution contains more than 200 natural compounds such as organic acids, minerals, and other complex organic compounds found only in plants.


  • accelerates plant growth
  • acts as pest repellent
  • promotes healthy and balanced plant growth
  • improves sweetness of fruits
  • increases shelf life of fruits and vegetables
  • controls growth of harmful fungi and bacteria Carbonland Plantonic Plant Growth Nutrient


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