Morphological characteristics of Quercus variabilis charcoal prepared at different temperatures
Nam-Hun Kim1 and Robert B. Hanna2
(1) Department of Wood Science and Engineering, College of Forest Sciences, Kangwon National University, 200-701 Chunchon, Korea
(2) Brown Center for Ultrastructure Studies, SUNY-ESF, Syracuse, NY 13210, USA



Wood Vinegar Used to Grow Dohung Melons in Korea

5. Use of Wood Vinegar
If agricultural chemical use is inevitable, wood vinegar is added to the mixture. Adding wood vinegar can improve effectiveness by 30~40%. By using a small amount of wood vinegar, great effects can be obtained. Wood vinegar from oak trees boosts the color and sugar of melons.

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Korean "Vital Force" Oak Wood Vinegar Product
ESDY Corporation,Korea

Detailed Product Description
Wood Vinegar come from Korean OAK tree, which are an innovative environmental 100% natural materials used as a soil fertilizer, Odor removal, animal feed additions etc etc. Your inquiries will get exact applications and effectiveness in most fields of usages other than below areas.

1. Agricultural use
- To sterilize the soil

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