FNCA Biofertilizer Newsletter
Mr. Richard M. Balog, Editor, Leader of FNCA Biofertilizer Project of the Philippines, Issue No. 7 February 2007

Message from the Philippines.

Dear Readers,

This 7th issue of the FNCA (Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia) Biofertilizer Newsletter features the activities pertaining to research and development, industry, use and promotion and impactof Biofertilizers in Philippine agriculture. It's my pleasure to share to you information herein that you may find interesting and valuable in line with the same activities in your respective areas.


Biofertilizers: Are they here to stay?
Alok Adholeya & Deepak Pant, Biotechnology & Management of Bioresources, The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi
in Biotech News, Newsletter of Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, Vol II No. 1 February 2007


Biofertilizer Group Newsletter

FNCA Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia
The Asian region is one of the regions, which enjoys the highest economic growth rates in the world. To sustain such growth in the face of limited resources and the need to protect and preserve the environment, the region can benefit from effective utilization of nuclear science and technology.

Issue No. 7 February 2007 1.7MB by the Philippines


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Lawn and garden products become more organic
Marty Hair, Detroit Free Press in Fort Wayne New Sentinel, March 28, 2007

"Sales of organic fertilizers and growing media like potting soils are expected to rise from $360 million this year to $670 million by 2011, according to the consumer research firm Packaged Facts."

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Indonesia: Regional Biofertilizer Development Center
Agriculture Farm, Mantripukhri
Imphal Sports brands | Nike


Current activities of biofertilizer project in Japan
Takuji Ohyama, Faculty of Agriculture, Niigata University

Biofertilizer mailing list
Biofertilizer mailing list has been established for exchanging information among researchers, producers, technicians, farmers, students and people who are interested in biofertilizer in Asia proposed in the last meeting in Bangkok. This list is managed by Project manager Dr. Tsuguo Genka JAIF. There are 73 people in the current list.

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