Braun - A New Website for the Promotion of Biochar Research and Experimentation
Chris Braun. February 27, 2008

A new website for the promotion of biochar research and experiments was born !

You can there discover several biochar-related projects, most of them still in active development . If you are performing biochar soil amendmend trials yourself, your contribution to CharDB or to the Field Trial Portal would be highly appreciated!
And if you haven't done it so far but would like to start experimenting, you can also find useful resources, links and contacts to help you.

This website is still in its infancy and any constructive comment, critic, question, advice... is very important for further development ! For that you can use the devoted forum:

Thanks for your contribution!

CharDB 1.0 released!
Cristelle Braun, January 19, 2008

Hello dear biochar testers!

The first release 1.0 of CharDB is now available at:

You will now be able to register your biochar soil amendment trials in a uniform format "CharML" that should facilitate comparisons between the different entries. This will hopefully lead to interesting new conclusions and a better knowledge on the fascinating world of biochar!

Please send any comment, critic,

Your feedback and comments will guide further development of CharDB and CharML!

Sincerely yours,
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The Charcoalab Kit
Christelle H Braun, Naomi Luckett, Christoph Steiner, Robert Flanagan October 26, 2007
[img_assist|nid=494|title=Charcoalab Kit|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=400|height=300]
The Charcoalab Kit contains:
- 6 pots
- 3 baggies of rice hull, temperature specific charcoal
- Litmus paper

Due to issues with posting seeds, we are asking participants to source their
own seeds and to inform us about seeds species and origin (if they come from a
commercial source...maybe a picture of the packet?).

The kits are being distributed by Naomi from New Zealand.

I attach to this mail the instructions for the Charcaoalab Kit, which you
can also download on the website:

For any other information, please send your request to:

The Charcoalab Project: Charcoalab Pot Trials

Robert Flanagan, SAFFE, China, Christelle Braun, Naomi, September 4, 2007

Charcoalab Pot Trials<br />
The Charcoalab Project<br />
September 2007

Select image to access album of photos.


Biochar Production Wiki
Christelle H Braun, August 16, 2007

Hello everybody,

Thanks a lot for all your links and infos. I have just started a small Wiki page which intends to list and compare the different companies on the "carbonization market". Hopefully it can help to get a general idea. However, I hadn't time to do much so far, so don't hesitate to contribute !
Here is it:

Sincerely yours,

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