Invader Bush Namibia
Tom Miles, August 2008

Invader Bush

Thorn bush is one of many invading bush species in Southern Africa. This bush is currently made into charcoal and in one location cleared to preserve habitat. The photo above is from the Chameleon Bush Encroachment Wiki created to help resource managers control the bush. Highlight the photo to see an album of photos showing the invader bush and chips recovered from clearing.

Principal species shown are sicklebush (Dichrostachys cinerea), blacktorn (Acacia mellifera), Mopane (Colophospermum mopane). Other principal species are yellow bark acacia (Acacia erubescens), red thorn or false umbrella thorn (Acacia reficiens),and to the South, three thorn Rhigozum (Rhigozum trichotomum).

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