Jock Gill, Vermont, 2011

Jock's new TLUD Design. It has a passing similarity to Lanny Henson's Sidewinder, but instead of 4 symettrical slits, to provide the 'vortex' at the heart of the cooker. The iCan D uses only three secondary air apertures for maximum turbulence and asymmetry. It also uses a more triangular cut arranged such that the resulting tab is at 45 degrees and can, when folded into the can, act as both a vortex generator and a concentrator.

Currently I have only tested the mid-sized coffee can unit with 142 grams of fuel. This gives me a runtime of about 27 minutes -- start to flame out. It has yielded 21.8%% biochar as a percent of weight of fuel -- soft wood pellets.

It gets good results when loaded with 25% of the capacity of the can - in this case about 142 grams of wood pellets. Run time: 27 minutes. Smoke gone in well under two minutes. Biochar was very clean, 100% charred fuel with no floaters in a water quench. Minimal ash. Biochar harvest was 21.8% of the weight of the starting fuel load. Only minimal soot in the stack gases for about 3 minutes at the peak period.

Commercial production of charcoal from greenwaste using BigChar technology
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James Joyce, Black is Green Pty Ltd, Australia, March 27, 2010

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Empty Planting Trays on Rack Fine Wet Processed Charcoal Settling in Flask Bamboo Feedstock Softwood Chip Feedstock
Empty Planting Trays on Rack Fine Wet Processed Charcoal Settling in Flask Bamboo Feedstock

Carbon Sequestration by Carbonization of Biomass and Forestation: Three Case Studies
Makoto Ogawa,Yasuyuki Okimori, Fumio Takahashi, Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, Volume 11, Number 2, March 2006 , pp. 421-436(16)
Publisher: Springer


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