Update on Biochar Trials in Hangzhou, China

Robert flanagan, SAFFE, Hangzhou, China, August 28, 2007

Ready to eat after 59days

Ready to Eat in 59 Days



NETL Carbon Sequestration Video
NETL,USDOE, YouTube July 2007

Current sequestration costs are in the range of 1-$300/ton of carbon emissions avoided. The goal is to reduce the cost of carbon sequestration to $10 or less by 2015.

NETL Carbon Sequestration

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Charcoal Making Videos
YouTube, July 2007

SAFFE, Huangzhou, China Renewable Carbon Negative Energy

ioherbalalchemy, USA, Making Charcoal

Making Charcoal in Ivory Coast, West Africa March 18, 2007 ML Murphy


Rice Planting Experiment With Charcoal Enriched Soil
Jochen Binikowski May 18, 2007

Experimental rice Planting Project
5 paddys at 5 x 4 meters each prepared with rice husk charcoal

Jochen Binikowski

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Biochar Trials in Hangzhou, China (pdf)
Robert Flanagan, Saffe China, July 10, 2007

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This is a small trial I'm doing for some farmers just outside Hangzhou to show them the benefits of Biochar. I've 48 plots in all so 24 with rice husk charcoal addition at 20Kg per plot. This trial is not for scientific data collection we have that in another trial a little further outside town.



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