Interview with a Kenyan after she viewed a clean charcoal demonstration with the Cookswell Clean Charcoal retort

for more information about the Cookswell retort:
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Jason advocates for biochar, growing your own food, and buying locally manufactured goods as ways to reduce total carbon impact of our activities.Sportswear free shipping | Nike Dunk Low Disrupt Pale Ivory - Grailify


Wes Graff by way for Trevor Richards, September, 2011

Thought of this pic the other day and thought you would like to see it. This is a charcoal building that was used as the cold room at a tented camp I stayed at in Kenya in the bush. They would pour water down the walls and the evaporative effect would cool the room down pretty well, probably around 15C. So they kept all the food for the camp in there.Best Authentic Sneakers | Nike Air Force 1 High


Peter Ongele, August 2011

Dear All,
I would very much appreciate your response and comments on this report and to know any further information I should have included in the report. As I mentioned early in previous letter, we are to run organic farming seminar training from 22/8/20011 to 26/8/2011 to the farmers. I've got already experts to help me conduct the training. I kindly need to confirm the possibility of financial help to facilitate the training.
Thank you all for taking your time to consider and support to us.
Peter Onegle

See the attached
Visit With Paul Anderson

and please see the attached Suba Biochar Farmers Group Report.


Chris Adam Kiln Chars Coconut Shells in Kenya
November 5, 2009

Cocnut Husk in Kenya
Coconut Husk in Kenya

A Chris Adam Kiln retort which was built a year ago at the Kenyan Coast.

They are using it 3x a week to carbonize coconut shells and it seems to work well.


More information about the Adam's Retort is on their site:


Cornell University: Bio-Char Projects 2007

Bio-char Projects

Currently (January 2007) we conduct experiments to evaluate the effects of bio-char on nutrient adsorption, nutrient leaching, water percolation, soil water availability and carbon cycling as well as the stability and mobility of bio-char itself with research in our Ithaca lab, in Colombia, Brazil, Zambia and Kenya.

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